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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sonic Mania coming to retail as Sonic Mania Plus

During its official panel at SXSW today, SEGA announced that Sonic Mania will be receiving a physical version.

Aside from enhancements, two new characters will be included – Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel. Also included is a new Encore Mode and expanded 4-player Competition Mode.

Sonic Mania Plus launches this summer. Pricing is set at $29.99. If you’ve bought the digital version, all of the new content will be offered as a free update. 



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Nice, I'm glad I waited.

shikamaru317 said:
Kind of sad they didn't make Amy playable, alot of people asked for her. Still pretty hype though.

Yeah missed opportunity indeed, but that's cool they added these 2. I've bought on release and only played half way through. I think I'll buy it on both ps4 and switch since I want physical on ps4 and I haven't bought on switch yet and I did want to. I just don't like how on switch I have to pay tax and on psn I don't while I use the same location for both 

I bought it digitally 2 days ago.

Buying it.

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Good news for people wanting the physical version.

shikamaru317 said: 
Kind of sad they didn't make Amy playable, alot of people asked for her. Still pretty hype though.

I would have loved that.

no brainer ,im getting it

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I will buy it. I have a digital version on PS4. Will buy physical on XBone


I knew waiting had its advantages! I will get it when I can. This game should have had a physical release day one.

Also, it will outsell Sonic Forces!

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Now I can finally play it. Thank god.