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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nindies Showcase (Done)

flashfire926 said:
Looking forward to seeing Wargroove, Shakedown Hawaii, and INSIDE for Switch.

Another Shakedown Hawaii fan! :D

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cycycychris said:
Was going to post that I expect a new indie direct very soon. Glad nintendo does these, puts a much needed spotlight on some great games. Hope to see hollow night release date. Also wargrove release date. And so new announcements.

It was bound to happen, Nindies Showcases come on a semestral basis (probaby because of PAX East and West), the first one was in March 2017 and the second at the very end of August 

I need my wargroove

I wonder if we'll hear anything about this game:

Stuart23 said:
Physical edition of Minecraft on Switch PLEASE! Why is that not a thing yet??!

I think physical Minecraft is basically confirmed at this point, the devs are just waiting to get the Bedrock update out.

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Or this one:

The very first Switch exclusive to be announced.

Hopefully a release date for Hollow! (not Hollow Knight, just Hollow)

Spindel said:
Hopefully a release date for Hollow! (not Hollow Knight, just Hollow)

Isn't that out already

Release date for Hollow Knight: The Thread

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I'll just catch up on the reveals later :p

Wonder if there will be Stardew Multiplayer shown

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