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Forums - Music Discussion - Who do you think will win Eurovision 2018?


BELGIUM: Sennek - A Matter of Time

BULGARIA: Equinox - Bones 0 0%
CROATIA: Franka - Crazy 1 3.45%
ESTONIA: Elina Nechayeva - La forza 0 0%
FRANCE: Madame Monsieur - Mercy 2 6.90%
GERMANY: Michael Schulte ... 2 6.90%
ISRAEL: Netta Barzilai - Toy 2 6.90%
ITALY: Ermal Meta & F... 3 10.34%
None of the above 19 65.52%
Flilix said:
kirby007 said:
I bet the fat girl is going to win

The fat girl was awful.

Which is why shes going to win

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Austria was decent. ‘The fat girl’ was weird.

Flilix said:

Two hours left until the first semi-final!

My prediction for SF1:

  1. Cyprus
  2. Czech Republic
  3. Estonia
  4. Israel
  5. Bulgaria
  6. Finland
  7. Greece
  8. Austria
  9. Azerbaijan
  10. Belgium
  11. Lithuania
  12. Armenia
  13. Croatia
  14. Ireland
  15. Albania
  16. Switzerland
  17. Belarus
  18. Macedonia
  19. Iceland



my favorite songs of this semi are (in no order):


edit: nice, all 3 made it to the final

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Really happy for Ireland they had a great song :D! Surprised Albania made it through. I thought Belgium would make it through instead.

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I'm pleasantly surprised that Lithuania, Albania and Ireland made it through. Three of my favourites, and all three of them sounded great live, but I thought they would be too boring for the public.

Belgium and Greece were two fan favourites at first, but they were too mediocre and boring on stage. I'm glad better performances made it through instead.

Mr.Playstation said:
Really happy for Ireland they had a great song :D! Surprised Albania made it through. I thought Belgium would make it through instead.

I liked Belgiums song, but I think that "echoes, echoes" line in the refrain pretty much killed the flow of the song

My favourites yesterday were Lithuania (what a beautiful and touching performance), Albania and surprisingly... Ireland, it was lovely. All 3 countries deserved to qualify, I'm quite satisfied with the results.

I still hate the Estonian "song" (it's more of a vocal acrobatics really) and thought Israel performance was awful despite the good song.

I'm a bit sad with Belgium which was in my top 5 but that live performance was boring except for the very first shot which was stunning.

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kirby007 said:
Depends who bribed who most this year

It doesn't really work with bribes, it's purely a "I scratch your back if you scratch my back" thing.

If you look back over the last 20+ years, you will note:

a) Greece and Cyprus always exchange points at close to maximum

b) The northern countries stick together

c) The French usually have the better songs (performed in French, unlike all other contestants which often are barely able to speak English) but are shun by most other countries so they never win.

c) I have no idea why Italy returned. They have the San Remo festival where even the last-placed song is roughly 200% better than this Euroshit.

d) Since the Eastern Europe countries joined, points have been "distributed" between them which was a letdown for the "classical countries".

e) Average song quality has taken a nosedive since it was no longer required to sing in the national language.

f) Almost all the winners of the past 20 years are complete nobodies.

Most countries actually hope they DON'T win the competition. It is an _extremely_ cheap evening for tv production (you simply use the organiser's channel and a random dude that was punished by being chosen the commenter) unless you have to organise this crap contest. This is the ONLY reason many countries are still doing this crap.

Pretty sure that Germany may finally make the last place this year :D