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Forums - General Discussion - Stephen Hawking has Died at 76

forest-spirit said:
What sad news to wake up to. And on Pi day of all days!

I guess it's kind of fitting he died on Pi day? Least he's counting in heaven (or wherever else) right now.

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Amazing man, showed a positive side of what we humans are capable of despite significant challenges. What a brilliant mind capable of living meaningfully despite physical incapacity. Would have loved to meet him in person too.

It's amazing how popular he was and how acclaimed he was in his field of expertise, and yet he didn't get a Nobel prize.

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What a sad day.

Amazing life that he had. Hard for him, but amazing what he went through.

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I'm surprised he managed to live as long as he did.

Holy shit, that's truly a shock to me. Oh man he died without finding a formula that would combine the 4 fundamental forces that keep the universe together, the so called theory of everything.
I hope whoever breaks that secret of the universe in the future will dedicate it to Stephen Hawking.

There was once Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and now Stephen Hawking is with them. RIP great man!

Nooooooooo, this is the biggest shock in a long while. One of my heroes. I'm sure he's everyone's hero too. He was like a real-life superhero and his special ability was his mind.
I know it's nothing to do with videogames, but thanks for informing me (StarOcean). I have just found this out through VGChartz.

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Today the world got a little bit dumber. May his brilliant mind rest in peace.

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What I didn´t know this. Sad thing. He was one of those persons that I somehow didn´t consider dying at all.
Hopefully he had a happpy life and at least he accomplished many things.