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It's already Nintendo Kart. They only use the Mario Kart name to sell more copies. I've been bitching about how Mario Kart was suppose to be a race circuit in the Mushroom Kingdom ONLY for years now, and no one else seems to care. Maybe part of that is because I am old enough to remember playing the first game (still the best one imo) and that's how it use to be.

But yeah, it hasn't been "Mario" Kart for years now.

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Spindel said:
VGPolyglot said:

Well, there are already F-Zero stages so it's only one step further.

Just to go completley OT as a reaction to this post.


MK8 is a better F-Zero game than any other F-Zero.

Oh no you didn't. lol. F-Zero shits all over Mario Kart as far as racing goes. It's faster, more difficult and actually requires something called skill to master. There are no items to cheese your way to the front or knock you out of first place. The only item you can use to get ahead is your own nerve and dedication to learning every single detail of the game and that's the ONLY way to win on master class. 

F-Zero GX doesn't fuck around. Mario Kart is for casuals.  

That's just, like, your opinion man. You complain about redundant characters and then want to put in even more?

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Just pointing out, the koopas are by no means just clones of themselves or other characters.


RolStoppable said: 

Your idea for unique specials will only break the game. The unique items in Double Dash!! sucked because they weren't balanced. It's only going to get worse if a greater number of specials needs to be implemented. Leave that garbage in the GameCube era.

It worked in Double Dash!! because the game offered many mechanics to split the field, it didn't break at all due to the items. MK8 and especially Deluxe doesn't offer deep mechanics. It comes down to clean lines and items. As soon as they change it back to being more varied (which they won't because they love their easy family-friendliness) specials won't make a huge difference as they haven't in the past. The unbalanced special items are nothing compared to how the straight-forward-MK8 forces you to use items in a certain way to make you finish in the top 3 all the time.

I'd rather still have Mario Kart, but instead of having guest characters from other series (which I don't mind at all), I would like much more characters more of the spin off Mario games, like the RPGs and Luigi's Mansion. I'd love to be able to play as E-Gadd, Dreambert, or Geno, etc.

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I am not sure about 3rd party characters, but MK8 already have characters and stages from some other Nintendo IPs, so with next MK game they will expand that.

I wouldn't want Nintendo All-Stars Racing as a replacement for Kart, but I'd be interested to see what such a game could be like - maybe between 8 DX and Kart 9.

Link amd Toad would be my main.

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I agree, there are too many filler characters, I love the game, but I kinda miss having more special and different characters!

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