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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Mario Odyssey VS. Other 3D Marios

Mario Odyssey is 100% going to be the best selling 3D Mario.

The real question is by how much, I'm seriously wondering if this could reach 20 million, you never know.

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I was surprised to hear at the earnings report that the game sold around 9 millions in a couple of months. My expectations were around 5-6m.

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Given that it is already at 9 million I think 20 million is guaranteed. 25 million is the real question. I think it'll probably creep up to 25 million around the end of Switch's lifecycle.

SMO will be number one by year's end


I don’t get the hype of odyssey. I finished it but it was so linear, felt like I was waiting for something great to happen. It never did. Give me mario 64 any day.

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Odyssey has definitely been my most favorite 3D Mario game. Hopefully it'll end up the king of 3D Mario's in sales at the end.

Number one i believe.

I wish I could have got into it more. I played Galaxy 1 and 2 around the time I got it, and rather than getting me in the mood for Mario Odyssey, they actually served to make me feel a little underwhelmed. The experience isn’t as grand, varied, or as interesting as the Galaxy games IMO; the level design is a step down from the Galaxy games. Another issue is the size of the game, it is smaller and shorter than the Galaxy titles; difficulty is substantially less; a big and it is not nearly as rewarding. It’s closest to Mario Galaxy in how it feels but, despite the new features, still comes off as a reduced experience; like the Mario team is still holding back.

Its popularity is largely due to the fact that it’s the first true 3D Mario game in 7 years. I am not saying there’s no room for a 3D Land-type, only that they are a different experience..

Some of the new features are interesting, and it is still a very good game; but IMO it’s not quite the 3D Mario successor I was looking for.


In terms of sales, those numbers are off. Nintendo says Galaxy is the highest selling 3D Mario game. Odyssey is the fastest, though. This is a trend we’ve been seeing in multiple franchises on Switch.

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So far it's sitting at 8.11 million, meaning in the next few weeks it should pass Super Mario 64 DS.

I predict it will be #1 by the end.