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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Evidence that smash bros switch might be a new game.

Nintendo said it was a new game in the press release. It's already confirmed.

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Sakurai said very little of this game has been revealed. So how would he say that if it was a port lol.

Also, i feel like they will try something new with this game. Its the fifth episode after all and they have time to make new stuff since they can basically just take assets from the Wii u game. Or even some stages and characters will stay the same.

My guess is that it'll be as much of a "new game" as Splatoon 2.

So essentially all in the branding. A new logo does not a new game make. I hope it's just a Smash 4.5. Just keep all of the new 3rd party characters. No need to rebalance everything only to drop all of the interesting new characters. Throw in some new modes, new characters, new stages, and maybe a Story Mode. I really don't need the game to play any different and hope they don't touch that. Change a character or two, sure, but keep the core mechanics untouched.

Well, this is new.