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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which will sell more God of War or Sea of Thieves ?


Which game will sell better?

God of War 181 85.38%
Sea of Thieves 27 12.74%
Too close to call 4 1.89%

A lot of us will probably dismiss Sea of Thieves as another insignificant game.. However, I see great potential in the game and I believe it has the potential to sell millions of copies for a few reasons. First of all, Xbox owners are dying to play a new exclusive game and Sea of Thieves is the only game available in the spring. Another reason is Sea of Thieves is extremely unique and gamers love originality. 

Therefor, which exclusive game do you think will perform better lifetime?   Sea of Thieves or God of War?  both games are set to be released in the spring. 

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Not even close. SoT is a new IP on a much smaller userbase and Game Pass will eat a shit ton of its sales.

GoW is the only answer

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EricFabian said:
GoW is the only answer

this. Any little chance sot had was killed when the game pass announcement happened.

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GoW. It's a well established franchise with each installment having great sells, and with the PS4 being a major success, the new GoW has promise to have even better sales.

Sea of Thieves being a new IP and the Xbox not performing as well as the PS4, this title seems uncertain on its sales.



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LudicrousSpeed said:
Not even close. SoT is a new IP on a much smaller userbase and Game Pass will eat a shit ton of its sales.

I would love to see statistics about :

- How many people actually do own this Game Pass ?

- How many of these people who owns it will actually play this game ?

Until then, it's just speculation and uncertainty.

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I think MS did the right thing by putting it on Game Pass to keep gaining good will from customers, but I think this will eat A LOT of its sales.  So no, I don't think is gonna be even close. 

This is a joke right?

Consoles only god of war 100%. Including pc sales 95% god of war still. Only chance SOT has is if it’s massive with streamers and somehow does 5m+ their. Very unlikely since it’s on the windows store.

Halo MCC will sell 5+ million copies(including digital)

halo 5 will sell 10 million copies(including digital)

x1 will pass ps4 in USA, and UK.

Even with the combined Xone abd pc uderbase being way bigger than the PS4 is userbase I still think God of War should win.

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