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Why don't you have an Xbox?

Not interested in the games 67 29.91%
Don't like the console 4 1.79%
Don't like the controller 1 0.45%
Don't like MS 20 8.93%
I have a gaming PC 25 11.16%
No money for 2nd/3rd console 12 5.36%
All of the above 11 4.91%
Mixture of the above 44 19.64%
Xbox Owner seeing the results 40 17.86%

There is no reason for me to own one.

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Alara317 said:
- I have to buy batteries for the controller, which gets expensive

Wait, seriously?

I have one and don't play on it, literally just a media player to sling movies from the NAS to the TV.

Xbox fucken' sucks, and that's why switch is going to shit all over it sales wise in less than a third of the time.



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As an xbox one owner I'm not really recommending it to other people now. It seems the Xbox is not really competing with ps4 numbers and many exclusives are available on pc now as already pointed out it's just seems like a console that has lost the battle and is in decline. I may pick up a xbox one X if seriously discounted but I think there is much more value in ps4 with a wider range of exclusive games coming from all around the world. Microsoft aren't really responding to the drop in sales so it feels like they have accepted the decline and at some point may even withdraw from producing games consoles. It feels like a year from now Xbox will be even more marginalised and it probably won't take much longer than that for Switch to overtake it.

My PC is now an Xbox game machine. There is zero need to invest in an Xbox console ever again.

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A1 - I have a gaming PC.

That by itself would be enough but, beyond that, I don't really wanna. It's actually nothing against *Xbox*, it's that I dislike and distrust Microsoft. I don't want to be part of any ecosystem they develop.

Also, they still owe me money from GFWL.

I DO have a Xbox One, but only to play X360 games and for multimedia purpose.

netflix 4K and some 4k movies.

Little to no worthwhile exclusives to me

Ehm, no time. No space either. No more hdmi inputs.

I vote/complain with my wallet. PS3 forced me to wait quite a while before I would buy one, and it was a tough decision already having a 360 at my disposal. I didn't buy all that many PS3 games either, since most third party were purchased for the 360.

XB1 went beyond 'hold my beer' crash and burn at launch, and so I don't see myself buying one anytime soon, if at all. Not to mention after I bought my PS4, the 360 RROD'd and even though I was able to fix it, it was just another blow to what faith I had in XB.  Maybe when this gen is over and I can grab one for super cheap to play some of the exclusives, or maybe they surprise me and hit the mark with 'XB2'. Also depends on what type of PC I decide to upgrade to eventually.