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super_etecoon said:
Can't wait until the Switch graph is high enough that it doesn't just look like terrible web design with the white writing on white background. Any takers on how long that will be?

It should do another 15m this year, once its over 30m the text should look okay on it (it does for the xbox).

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Another good week for PS4 and Switch, with close US, PS4 not falling to much behing in Japan and EU+RoW making the lion's share of the big gap.

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Zach808 said:
Insidb said:

Agreed; it will interesting to see how much the big releases will bump or simply sustain sales.

I might just pick up PUBG to show my X1 some love lol.

You gonna put PUBG into your Xbox?  Yeesh, did your Xbox kill your family or something?  From the footage I've seen, PUBG makes the xbox basically beg to be put out if its misery.