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Forums - Sales Discussion - Super Mario Odyssey Vs. God of War (PS4)


Which one will sell more LT?

God of War (PS4) 6 7.41%
Super Mario Odyssey 75 92.59%
curl-6 said:

What the heck is with all these bizarre threads lately pitting two games on different platforms with almost nothing in common against each other? What's next, The Last of Us Part II versus the Labo variety kit? Kingdom Hearts III vs Metroid Prime 4?

If you're going to make a comparison, do it between two games that have a logical connection, otherwise it just comes off and pointless at best and baiting at worst.

I feel some people just want an excuse to have a Sony vs Nintendo war :p 

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What will sell more; Splatoon 2 or Detroit: Become Human?

Well Mario won't even outsell Knack =p

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I will be extreamly pleased if God of War reaches 10 Million. On the flip side, I will not be surprised if Super Mario Odyssey sells more than 20 Million.

Mario is a bigger franchise, and Odyssey is a sequel that has been awaited for 20 years.

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Johnw1104 said:
Teeqoz said:

You reminded me of this..

OT: Mario. Not even close. 

I gotta say the animation was superb in this, but it was just kind of awkward. I usually love when beloved characters are shown in a less flattering light (such as that famous one of Mario responding to PETA heh), but it seems like they went for the shock and completely forgot the humor in this one lol

And Knuckles is played off as some random black guy for no reason.

Flashgitz isn't known for quality writing.

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GOW has no chance against Mario. Mario will probably outsell it by a considerable amount

Super Mario Odyssey.