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Forums - Movies Discussion - Do you think Black Panther is better than Thor 3?

No idea. I've been avoiding Black Panther because of how politically charged it is with identity politics.

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Yeah, it's straight up laughable to have bad visual effects in such a high budget movie...
Did you guys watch the new blade runner? The visual effects are so freakin' incredible! The immersion is on point and the world, as a result, feels so real.
That was made on the same budget.

KLAMarine said:
V-r0cK said:

Thor was more funny...but Black Panther had Vegeta! (Yea he's a big fan)

Hahaha, wow! This wasn't a coincidence was it?

lol from what I read he's a huge anime fan, huge Dragon Ball fan and Vegeta being his favorite.  So ya, i dont think this was a coincidence :P

I liked Black Panther, but Thor Ragnarok was freaking awesome. Funniest movie I’ve seen in the past year. Just a fun movie.

I think they're very different movies, just in the same universe. Thor 3 made me laugh a lot more, while Black Panther had a more interesting conflict. I don't want push either down to prop up the other...both did a great job at what they set out to do.

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They're both equally terrible. I know that because that's why I didn't watch them.

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I Loved the comedy What We Do in the Shadows and I could defiantly see some of that humor style come through in Thor (I pretty sure the joke "Yeah, not very useful unless you’re up against three vampires all huddled up, eh?” was a reference to that movie).

Thor was a more fun movie and I would be more likely to watch a second time then Black Panther( I not someone that typically re-watches movies very often).

Black Panther was a more serious movie and overall I found to be better story telling. I would say Black Panther is probably the better movie but there nothing in the movie that make it worth watching a second time. While Thor visually/comedically make it something that I might watch a second time.

I haven’t seen Thor 3 and I walked out of BP rather early on after a major continuity error. A news report called Wakanda (or w/e the African country was called) the ‘poorest country in the world’ and a few minutes later the camera pans over a rather large bustling city complete with beautiful skyscrapers that rivaled Manhattan. Wait, what? Have they ever seen what poor countries look like?


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Yes, but I also think Thor 3 is an abomination that pisses all over the character and all of his fans (like me). So that's not a very tall order.

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