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Forums - Politics Discussion - You can't believe trump won?


Trump 2020

Hell yes! 20 25.32%
Lets wait and see! 3 3.80%
Fuck no! 50 63.29%
Indifferent/comments/Hilary's dusty pussy... 6 7.59%
sethnintendo said:
Maxosaurus-rex said:

Both are in public spot light and both have made political statements. One is an especially heavy donor. No side has an monopoly on sexual assault nor does politicians 

You want to play that card?  Lol try Steve Wynn former finance chair of Republican National Committee caught fucking everyone.

My original post was pointing out how republicans come out all high and mighty like they haven't jerked off in their entire life yet they get caught in more sexual scandals than democrats.  Ever fucking pathetic democrat you can post I can post two more shit fucks from dumbass party.  Republicans are beyond hypocritical.  We might as well end it here because nothing you say and nothing I can say will ever change our views. 

And my post was to tell you that your wrong  The illinois state government on the democrats side is being swept up in scandals leading up to the top one Mike Madigan