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Forums - Sony Discussion - Which will sell more in its first year, Horizon or God of War?


Which will sell more?

Horizon 21 42.86%
God of War 28 57.14%

I don't even know anymore, this GoW might actually hit 10M LT, PS4 games are selling like hotcakes, so I'll be expecting it to blow my 8M LT prediction away and pull it on its first year.

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bananaking21 said:
I think Horizon. While GoW is a huge and established franchise. Its sales usually were around the 4-6 million range. If this game is good I can see it expanding in that. also GoW isnt that big in Europe and I wonder if this one will gain much traction there.

Horizon on the other hand has a lot more appeal to it. Open world games and action RPG's sell and have a huge market.

So I'm gonna say Horizon. 7.6 million sales in its first year is something I don't think GoW will do.

Uncharted used to sell 7M and Uncharted 4 sold 10M+ on its first year...

PS4 games are doing so damn well GoW might join the wagon and smash past numbers and maybe even cross Horizon as well.

I'm hyped as fuck for the game.

The_Liquid_Laser said:
Which game do you think has the higher budget? I would guess Horizon. I'm also going to guess that it has sold more than God of War will do in it's first year.

horizon's budget was about $47 million.

god of war 3's budget was 44 million.

we need to remember that GOW 3 was on PS3 and costs have gone up since that time.

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I think GOW will probably sell more, but Horizon has done close to 8 million so it will be close.
GOW hast the potential to get close to 10 million especially with how well PS4 is doing.

It will probably come down to how well GOW is received, if people really love it then sales could boom. If people say its okay then it may only do 5 million.

God of War, no question. It’s an established franchise, and this latest one is easily going to be the best selling.

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I'd say Horizon. I have doubts God of War will even get to the ~8m Horizon sold so far at all.

I'm gonna go with Horizon just because 7.6 million in a year for any game is huge

If it reviews in the 90's I can see this selling over 10m.

There are a lot of xbox converts on ps4 this gen who wouldn't have bought gow3.

Sony might however bundle horizon this year so that would make it hard to catch.

I said GOW because that's the one I defiantly want. But it may be close, in all honestly if both do very well none is really losing...

I think it might be a close call; HZD really has surprised everyone with it's strong sales! But it seems like established franchises is doing quite well this gen on PS4 (just look at Uncharted 4), so GoW might do 8-10m - but will it THIS year? Dunno.

I'll say that if the metacritic ends up OVER 90 it's a 50/50 chance GoW will outsell HZD 1st year, if it's OVER 95 it'll definitely outsell HZD, and ut the score is UNDER 90 HZD will sell the the most

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