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Forums - Sony Discussion - Which will sell more in its first year, Horizon or God of War?


Which will sell more?

Horizon 21 42.86%
God of War 28 57.14%

I reckon God of War will sell better but it'll be close, nobody expected Horizon to sell so well.

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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
TheBlackNaruto said:

God of War's total sales will eclipse at 8-10 million

That was the first line and I was like yeah seems good to me. Then right after that you said

I don't think it can sell as much though

And I was like okay he can't say GOW will sell 8-10 million then right after say it won't sell as much. SO is he talking about HZD which is at 7.6 million because that would be crazy.

So you were saying you think HZD will sell more and that GOW will not sell as bad man.

No problem. Nothing wrong with mistakes. I should have specified instead of saying "it"  

Nah I just read it to fast without putting it all the way together lol!

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I think Horizon. While GoW is a huge and established franchise. Its sales usually were around the 4-6 million range. If this game is good I can see it expanding in that. also GoW isnt that big in Europe and I wonder if this one will gain much traction there.

Horizon on the other hand has a lot more appeal to it. Open world games and action RPG's sell and have a huge market.

So I'm gonna say Horizon. 7.6 million sales in its first year is something I don't think GoW will do.

Horizon, my previous GOW prediction was 6-8m lifetime, I might change that to 7-8.5m now, but either way less than horizon lifetime and first year.

God of War.

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I'm going with GOW. Not even cause I feel it will physicaly sell more, but cause i believe sony will push it harder than they oushed horizon. I mean look at GOW NBA ads..... that kinda push didnt happen for horizon. Look at the lack of horizon cpnsole bundles. GOW woll probably be bundled a lot.

This is actually hard, but I'm going with GoW. I think it will be very frontloaded, unless Sony bundles the hell out of it.

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I think it depends a lot on whether the new direction will be well recieved by critics and fans. Horizon did pretty well probably due to the great reception and word of mouth, so the same could happen to GoW if it’s good.

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God of war could do 10m but I doubt it will catch horizon which will do over 10m.

Which game do you think has the higher budget? I would guess Horizon. I'm also going to guess that it has sold more than God of War will do in it's first year.