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DonFerrari said:
Nem said:

I don't have a crystal ball, i can't tell the future. But i can tell the past. It tells me VR hardware hasn't managed to hit critical mass. So, it's time to change the strategy and realise where the problems are and how to adress them.

So by looking in the past you missed Sony saying they are outpacing their projections with VR?


You were just saying in the Horizon sales thread that you enjoyed the few hours you spent on the game...

Sony is worse. They shut down both their arcade racing game developers Evolution and Liverpool and now have nothing to go against Forza Horizon. Now Evolution is making OnRush for all platforms and that will probably be dope as hell. Guerilla Cambridge made the only good FPS game on Vita with Killzone: Mercenary and the well recieved RIGS on PSVR both didn't sell well because they were on a small userbase, that is not really their fault at all. Bigbig had a lot of potential and Pursuit Force was the best new IP Sony had on the PSP. Sony really messed up with these developers, if they kept them they could have had a better lineup for racing game and FPS fans.

This is about first party so I think its totally relevant to talk about the studios that Sony shut down.

Horizon's huge success probably played a part in this new outlook.


Yes, Sony and Nintendo make most of the awesome games of recent times as well as smaller developers. Big third parties make the most mainstream games possible that as a result have no character or identity and are monetized so badly they give mobile games a run for their money.

Sony gives freedom to the studios and also forgive a lot of failures... so the studios closed really wasn't delivering good sales.

I'd discuss it in pm because its off topic.