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Forums - Politics Discussion - How do you feel about X in your country?

DonFerrari said:

You are looking at it just as a government or bureaucratic...

If one of the main reasons for the cost is the overhead and for the overhead is the excessive regulation... the best way to correct it is not put the ones that make excessive regulation as responsible for the system, but to just stop regulating every single thing.

The "regulation" is because of insurance companies, not the government.  

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The US either needs to reform its healthcare by lowering the cost or making universal healthcare. Obamacare as a middle ground for both doesn’t cut it and hurts people (like me, actually). So this country needs to decide whether it will push to make things affordable ($1,000 just for showing up to the ER is a scam) or... healthcare for all. That really is all there is to it. I’m for either. Whichever is done, I want it done well. How it will be done is more complicated -but that’s not the discussion at hand.


When I see gun control, I see a lot of people who fear they’ll get their guns taken away or that you’ll be jailed for having a gun or whatever. That’s a fantasy. A dream to an extreme liberal and a nightmare for an extreme conservative.
I believe gun control should be handled as: People have background checks done, after which they get a mental health examine (low cost or free as a reference to my healthcare idea). If they pass they get the gun + attend a session on how to properly use and store the weapon -but also are required to have a license that must be renewed every X amount of years. The renewl would just be a refresher on what they initially learned/and or updated techniques.
Those who have proven to be dangerous with weapons on a regular basis will get their license revoked and will face penalties for gun possession while on probation -similar to a DUI.

I do not think either of these opinions are unreasonable.

I feel pretty good about danish politics, all tings considered.
- We're very liberal, but we handle immigration alot smarter than Sweden.
- We care alot about equality, with some of the highest taxes in the world, saving thousands from being poor.
- We're (maybe) the most environment friendly nation on the planet, consistently topping out chartz of most electricity derived from wind power and quickly gaining in solar power.
- Our media is very objective by most standards - this is helped by the fact that our political spectrum being pretty narrow - that is to say our far-right would be, barely right, by US standards. While our far left is pretty nutty, again it's nothing compared to the insanity of Sweden.
In regards to the people. We're VERY serious about free speech and personal freedoms (This is great in my opinion).
I also think we have a very healthy mentality. Danish people have this thing called "janteloven" imprinted on them very early in life. It's basically the rule of "Don't think you're better than anyone else" - this, I think, grounds peoples expectations and turnes people generally into realists.
Denmark is a christian country and has a very rich christian history and yet, for all intents and purposes, we're a extremely secular country, with somewhere between 50% and 80% being non-religious, or straight up atheist. This is also very good, because it standardises a resentment for dogma and group-think, while also showing love for science and rationality, without denying our heritage.

Denmark is great. It's cold as shit though...

Healthcare: it still has its problems, but it's certainly preferable to the situation in the United States
Gun control: this is a double-edged sword. In order to have a revolution guns are probably going to be needed as a counter to the plethora of weaponry and measures of the state, but most people that do end up getting guns seem to be conservative and not revolutionary.