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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Idea Discussion: Wii/Wii U disc reader for Switch


How do you feel about this?

I'd buy it! 4 16.67%
I'd get it for the right price. 4 16.67%
No thanks, digital only 6 25.00%
I'm done with Wii games, but sure for WIi U. 1 4.17%
I'm done with Wii AND Wii U games. 3 12.50%
Congratz on becoming a wr... 4 16.67%
Now get back to writing reviews! 1 4.17%
Or posting a Massive Paper Mario article...! 1 4.17%

There's no point in this because any Wii U game worth playing will be ported to the Switch in some form or other, and top Wii games like Galaxy 1+2 will most likely get the remastered treatment.  C'mon, you KNOW Galaxy 1+2 HD will be brought to the Switch at some point, as will LoZ TP &SS.

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That would be cool if they could do that, but I figure that would need more effort than it's worth doing. It would probably be too difficult to do with Wii U games, since those worked with 2 screens in mind and may need to tweak every game to work with one. As for Wii games, it would probably come down to if the Switch Joycons would be compatible with them.



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Even if that became a reality, I'd rather just keep my Wii and Wii U to play those games.

Honestly I would buy that. But to play Wii U games you would need to connect the Gamepad and that would be hard to achieve.

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With VC and the eshop I doubt they will ever do anything like this again.

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I'd just plug in my Wii U since it's BC with Wii and do it that way instead of buying an add on. Now, if they were just going to give it away to owners? That would be different.

Not going that happen for three major reasons. First, this would highly interfere with the whole, seamless switching concept. Second, you’d have to emulate Wii / U games, and Switch is not powerful enough to do this. Even if we see homebrew community getting to the point where they’ll be able to run custom hardware, for this reason alone it won’t happen. Third, it’d hit Nintendo’s software revenue.

Now, personally I think this would be great for enthusiasts, but like I said previously, from the technical point of view, you’d have to emulate the whole thing, there’s no way around it. And yes, Switch is more powerful than both of those systems, but I don’t think it’s powerful enough to emulate them (definitely not the Wii U). 

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Well first up, it wouldn't work at all.
Switch isn't hardware backward compatible with Wii or Wii U.

And if we're talking about whether I'd buy some hypothetical magical gadget that could do something like this, there's a huge host of other gadgets I'd get before this one.

I'd prefer the ability to link a hard drive to the dock, and give downloadable access to the Wii library - and ports of Wii U games. Unfortunately, the Wii U library won't be compatible with the Switch without remaking due to the Gamepad; the Wii to Switch conversion would be much easier since it's already known how to turn a Joy con into a Wiimote.

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While I would prefer a way to replay my digital purchases from the Wii/Wii U, a disc drive add on alone will not get it done. Most of the games would have to be retooled due to controller issues in order for them to be compatible.

I do hope they find a way to bridge the divide between those of us that purchased on the Wii/Wii U and also got the Switch so we aren't just rebuying the same software in a loop but there are way too many hurdles blocking it beyond just the software physical format.