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Wow, I completely forgot about Metroid Prime 4 already, I guess that's because they basically didn't show anything but a title screen yet :/


Metroid Prime 4
Kirby (reviewing for the site!)
Mario Tennis
DK: Tropical Freeze (Portable + Funky Kong mode!)

and most definitly all 3 of those maybes if they happen (which I'm sure they will at some point):

Mario Kart 9


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Don't know enough about the release schedule to say and neither does anyone else apart from nintendo.

I think we still don't know even half of exclusives that Switch will have in 2018. :)

From the announced games, I've already decided to get...

Project Octopath Traveler
Bayonetta 3
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Did not know Runner 3 is a Switch exclusive.


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From that list

High Interest (Purchase day 1):

• Yoshi

• Kirby

• Fire Emblem

• Animal Crossing


Medium Interest (Purchase at some point, high chance):

• Pokemon

• Shin Megami Tensei 5


Low Interest (Probably won’t purchase, but if the right deal comes along...):

• Mario Tennis

• No More Heroes 4

• Metroid Prime 4


No Interest (Already sold against it; no chance of purchase):

• Nintendo Labo

• Octopath

• Bayonetta 3

• Ridge Racer 8

• Runner 3

• Smash 5


Mario Kart 9 would make me angry; and I don’t think Nintendo. I definitely don’t want to see this franchise become another annual AAA industrial churn out franchise. I can’t see Mario Kart 9 coming out for another 3-4 years.

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