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Been watching the 2018 Winter Olympics?

Yes, often 190 13.00%
Yes, once in a while 315 21.55%
No, haven't had time 135 9.23%
No, not interested 712 48.70%
I didn't know they were on 110 7.52%
RaptorChrist said:
Nope, don't really watch the winter olympics. I don't watch TV at all, but sometimes my wife puts something on and I can listen to it in the background.

Reading some responses in here, it seems like a lot of people feel strongly for their home country, myself included. I wonder if it's the media that portrays to everyone that their country is the best, or if it's something else?

But isn't America truly the best? I've been taught we have the biggest military, the most money, and the most medals.

It's the winter olympics... you lot don't even have close to the most medals in the winter olympics

But yeah, there is definitely a lot of media bias trying to portray their country as the "best". It's especially obvious to a Brit like me since usually British teams flop spectacularly at sports tournaments, despite the insane amount of media hype

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

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The time difference means I don't really listen to anything live. Just some videos of events already over by the time I wake up.

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Great performance from the US team in the cross-country women's team sprint! While I must acknowledge that I'm somewhat bitter that we didn't get the gold, it's cool seeing countries other than scandinavia and Russia and Switzerland taking golds in cross-country. Must be especially fun for the US team to win their first ever olympic cross-country gold, and first olympic cross-country medal in 40 years.

Also really cool that we beat the Netherlands and got the gold in mens team pursuit in speed skating!

We suck this second week.

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I watched the US vs. Canada Women's Ice Hockey Gold Medal game, it was great to watch.

Nice to see EXO in the closing!

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