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The controller and console design was too big but IMHO original xbox is by far their best. Even though it was a financial failure I wanted it to succeed always wanted to get it. They had a great exclusives. Now they are turning it into a steam machine which I hate it.


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Why do people hate concoles? I don’t get it. I love the Xbox (obviously) but I also own a PS4 and a gaming pc, I just love to play the best games and I don’t care what platform they’re on.




i love xbox 360 said:
Why do people hate consoles?

Because humans naturally feel the need to be part of a group. The exact same reason to why people love consoles, hate opposite political stances, or create fandoms. When people are surrounded by other people that agree with them, they feel strengthened. And if being part of a group requires you to unconditionally hate or love something, so be it.