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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What makes Shadow of the Colossus so special?

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How much do you like SotC?

5/5 Best game ever 20 43.48%
4/5 Top 100 games of all time 19 41.30%
3/5 Really good game 1 2.17%
2/5 Quite average 4 8.70%
1/5 A bit annoying 1 2.17%
0/5 Total failure 1 2.17%
StreaK said:

And again, what you wrote makes perfect sense. I mean, if someone wants SotC to be something else well then...I guess you have Zelda games for that. Namely, BOTW which I feel took to SotC for inspiration on world design but in its heart is still Zelda. But yeah, SOtC is great because it's SotC. It wants to be different. It NEEDS to be different. And like Ueda himself stated, this level of "different" makes the game stand out amongst a sea of copy cats.

Yeah Breath of the Wild definitely took inspiration from Shadow of the Colossus, not just in stuff like the world design or bosses like the Talus, but even the Divine Beasts are quite reminiscent too. I think it's the perfect game for those who wanted "more content" in SotC.

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The controls were excellent for its time.. Noobs be complainin' about a problem that just isnt there! The game implements some radically different control systems from your typical adventure game, which frustrates gamers who want more of the same thing every other game does. It isn't really a flaw, but a design choice that I consider brilliant. Once you master it and take the physics engine seriously, the game wouldn't slow you down or unfairly take the controls from you.

I bet most complainers don't know all control inputs, and give no effort whatsoever understanding the physics or Agro's behaviour. Feels kinda like when a DoA noob calls Tekken a button masher lol.

I can however understand the camera complaints in some situations. It occasionally gets real messy while riding a colossus, but overall, its a minor nuisance from my experience.

it's jaw droppingly good again. How can a 12 year old game look this good and play so well. The camera is still not perfect, made worse by being used to simply looking around in VR. So archaic and inefficient to use a thumb stick to look around! Yet everything else already far exceeded my hyped up expectations for this remake.

Playing it in 60fps HDR enabled, motion blur disabled, just the way I like it. 6 colossi defeated so far, I keep getting sidetracked exploring the landscape.