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Forums - General Discussion - Dragon Ball Super Ending In March.

ArchangelMadzz said:
Do we know anything about the movie?

Is it the arc after the Tournament of Power? And I assume the first arc of Super when it comes back?

IIRC, the movie's about the original Super Saiyan.

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JWeinCom said:
monocle_layton said:
Take this franchise out of its misery

Better yet, you can just stop watching, and people who enjoy it can continue to do so.


Exactly. The show is great and I look forward to more of it.

Good timing.

Focus everything on the movie, and then find a replacement for HiromI Tsuru.
We may see it again as soon as April 2019.

Well i hope it comes back.

Don't care when as long as it does.

Sure it isn't perfect but was still enjoyable to watch.



.....for now.

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Plenty of fans of the 1968 show? those fans are now 60ish +. Do they even watch anime anymore?

I really hope it is temporary. I really enjoy watching this and I was really excited to see what would happen after this arc. For it to end after the tournament of power when there's so much potential for something interesting in a new arc is disappointing



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monocle_layton said:
Take this franchise out of its misery

They did that already. And from 1997 to 2015, we had roughly two films and a shorter recut of DBZ. And even now, Super has had less than half as many episodes as Z.

The series has hardly been milked to death. Te game spinoffs maybe, but not the actual series.

Love and tolerate.

Vegetto to return in Episode 129: “This is all the power of the seventh universe!! The return of an unstoppable warrior!!”

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