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Used to own gbc version .Have you ever heard of this one its gbc exclusive song I think theres more songs, the reason i call it exclusive is because when I heard the snes one its completely different even though both have same title names .

GBC version

SNES version 

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They are all great ! :P

Gang Plank Galleon, hands down one of the most epic boss-fight themes on the SNES
love the part where it is just "yeah, shit just turned real" and kicks it up

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My favorite tracks are Cave Dweller Concert, Forest Frenzy, Treetop Rock, and Ice Cave Chant...

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Gang Plank Galleon! Takes the edge off when you die against King K. Rool.

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Jungle Groove, what else ?

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Jungle Hijinx, Funky's Fugue, Fear Factory, and Gangplank Galleon.

The jingle that plays when you die and the over world music.

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Fear Factory takes #1, but just about every track is amazing. Still one of the best soundtracks in video gaming.

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I also like Aquatic Ambiance the best it reminds me a lot of my favorite track from the second game Stickerbush Symphony.