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Forums - Gaming Discussion - FIFA 18 Switch outsells PS4 version in Japan by 11,400 units

Bodes well for third party sales in Japan at least.

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vivster said:
That's because PS4 owners are #woke.

Only in Japan though.

Interesting indeed

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No wonder the Ea support continues

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British tourists on holiday in Japan that brought their Switch along.

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tbone51 said:
Meh XV2 is more impressive

...but less important

thats surprising. might be close worldwide

Pinkie_pie said:
thats surprising. might be close worldwide

It won't be close worldwide. Not at all.

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What surprises me even more are the legs of the game.It sold much less on launch week but it just kept selling on the power of legs.


The same thing happened with Snipperclips: in the release day sold less than 2k and today is already in the 40k's!

Pinkie_pie said:
thats surprising. might be close worldwide

This is great, but let's be realistic, Fifa/PES has best sales in Europe and Europe is easily strongest market for PS4.