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Forums - Gaming Discussion - FIFA 18 Switch outsells PS4 version in Japan by 11,400 units

Locknuts said:
vivster said:
That's because PS4 owners are #woke.

Only in Japan though.

Japanese people = best people.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

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Yass Switch owners, step your spending money game up.

Kuksenkov said:
Yass Switch owners, step your spending money game up.

It was only ever going to sell in Japan.

Americans don't like real football.

And Europeans will buy it for their Playstations.

Only in Japan...

FIFA 18 is the fastest selling FIFA on a Nintendo console, ever. While this is somewhat similar to saying "Gimli is the tallest dwarf in Middle Earth", it still proves EA made a right decision and will keep on developing FIFA for Switch, perhaps even adding other sports title to its roster.

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Didn’t expect that considering the install base. By the end of the year I am pretty sure Switch will outsell PS4 on every multiplat game in Japan.

Japanese rather buy the handheld/hybrid version and couldn’t care less about “pretty graphics” like westerners do.