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Forums - General Discussion - Best Pixar film?


Best Pixar movie?

Toy Story 7 15.91%
Toy Story 3 4 9.09%
Finding Nemo 3 6.82%
The Incredibles 6 13.64%
Wall-E 12 27.27%
Up 3 6.82%
Inside Out 6 13.64%
Other 3 6.82%

1. Toy Story 1
2. Wall-e
3. Monsters
4. Toy Story 3
5. Inside Out

Honorable mentions: Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo, Incredibles, Cars 1,

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Ratatouile for me. Best script I have ever seen in an animated movie. The ending speech of the food critic give me chills everytime I watch. For the worst is easily Cars 2. Hated that movie so much.

2-Finding Nemo
5-The Incredibles

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Pixar has made some really good films.

1) Toy Story 2 (Used to watch this a million as a kid so it's a really nostalgic film + This scene gets me every time -
2) The Incredibles (One of the first movies I remember seeing at a cinema, never get tired of watching it)
2) Toy Story 3 (That last scene)
4) Toy Story
5) Monsters INC/Wall-E

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Apart from #1, my opinion on their order changes from time to time since Pixar has done so many great films. Still, here's how my top 5 is right now,

1. Wall-E
2. Inside Out
3. Up
4. Toy Story 3
5. Ratatouille

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Wall-E, I mean the first like 30 minutes it's a silent film. :P

Hmm, pie.

Monsters University & Monsters, Inc.

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1. Ratatouille without a question.

2. Wall-E

3. Finding Nemo

4. Toy Story 3

5. The Incredibles

...I guess.. I love them all tbh.

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Thx for the reminder. Wanted to watch Pets and Zoomania this weekend (with my dog of course;). 

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Wow, I can’t believe more people haven’t said Up. That is my favorite, by far.

1. Up

2. Inside Out
3. The Incredibles
4. Wall-E