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Forums - General Discussion - Best Pixar film?


Best Pixar movie?

Toy Story 7 15.91%
Toy Story 3 4 9.09%
Finding Nemo 3 6.82%
The Incredibles 6 13.64%
Wall-E 12 27.27%
Up 3 6.82%
Inside Out 6 13.64%
Other 3 6.82%

1. Toy Story 3
2. Wall-e
3. Up
4. Toy Story 1/2
5. Inside Out

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1. Incredibles
2. Toy Story 3
3. A Bug's Life
4. Monster's Inc.
5. Toy Story

So many good ones though! I have the feeling I'm gonna wake up tomorrow and decide I need to change this.

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1. Wall-e
2. Ratatouille
3. Brave
4. Up
5. Finding Nemo

Toy Story 3 is the only Pixar movie I've seen that actually made me tear up, so it gets my vote.

Either Toy Story III or the absent Cars and Brave...

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I enjoyed The Incredibles most from the movies I've seen, I didn't watch all of them from the poll but I did see Up, Toy story and finding nemo and The Incredibles topped those

I also watched brave and cars but they where not in the list

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Wall-E and The Incredibles.

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1. Inside out
2. Wall-e
3. Toy story 3
4. Toy story 2
5. Toy Story

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Wall-E is brilliant. Genuinly think it's one of the top movies I've ever seen. I read it's also the reason why animation films can now be considered for the Best Picture Oscar. Wall-E should have won that. I like most of Pixar's films, and they're easily the best animation studio out there where others are hit and miss. The had a streak of brilliance from Monsters Inc through Up and have seen most of Pixar's movies. At least all the big original ones except The Good Dinosaur, though I haven't seen all the sequels either; I think I only seen the Toy Story sequels, Monsters University and Finding Dory which were all decent (Toy Story 3 still great though and definitely the best sequel).

Haven't seen Coco yet however, but read good things about it. I'm going to watch it some point.

I'd say;

1: Wall-E
2: Up
3: Finding Nemo
4: The Incredibles (Samuel L Jackson's "Where's my super-suit?" is the best quote though)
5: Monsters, Inc.
(6: Inside Out)
(7: Toy Story)

After that it's becomes less clear. Only ones I felt were mediocre and would be at the bottom are A Bug's Life and Cars.

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