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axumblade said:
5p Veknoid
4p Slarvy
3p Nautilus
2p Zorg
-100p axumdouche

I'm counting it that way.  I need you out of this thing to avoid a repeat of last year. :)

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5p - Vek
4p - Zorg
3p - Axumblade
2p - Nautilus
1p - Moi

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What's wrong with you ? Everybody on the list are decent individual !

5p Axumblade
4p Nautilus
3p Veknoid
2p Slarvax
1p Zorg

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5p - Veknoid_Outcast
4p - axumblade
3p - Slarvax
2p - Nautilus
1p - zorg1000

Everyone on this list, deserves more points than what I gave them (even Vek).

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Next round will be in about an hour. Time for some last minute votes.

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5p - axumblade
4p - Veknoid_Outcast
3p - Nautilus
2p - Slarvax
1p - zorg1000

Next thread is now up:

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