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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Sexiest Nintendo guy?


Who's the sexiest Nintendo guy?

Sidon 7 13.21%
Shulk 5 9.43%
Ike 10 18.87%
Link 16 30.19%
Kuikui 0 0%
Captain Falcon 6 11.32%
Other (please specify) 9 16.98%


Please correct the OP to have the correct picture of Captain Falcon.

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No competition it's without a doubt link.

Raymond Bryce

I am unable to vote since I don't find men sexy.

Mar1217 said:
AlfredoTurkey said:
I am unable to vote since I don't find men sexy.

Ok. So how about her ?

Unsure of gender. It's either an uber, possibly gay feminine male or super masculine, possibly gay female. 

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My Mii!
Narciano Von Narcissist!

He will FIGHT the others. He has crazy roid rage!



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I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

It really is a hard choice between Captain Falcon and Link...  I think Im gonna go with Link for now.

Definitely Captain Falcon.