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Forums - General Discussion - I'm not saying it was the aliens.. But...

CrazyGamer2017 said:
Metallox said:
I saw it and thought it was beautiful, knew about a few folks who called the police in panic.

I'm not surprised, if they had their stuff all over the news as it should be, people would not panic. Nobody panics when NASA launches something into space, maybe there is a reason why

I live in the local area where it launched.  Plenty of reports in the weeks and days preceding it.  Plenty of rockets launch out of Vandenberg Air Force Base...but I'm sure you'll find your conspiracy wherever you decide to aim your gaze.

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CrazyGamer2017 said:

When NASA launches something into space, everyone knows cause you see it in the news and it's scheduled and reported on etc. But here, where are the reports? Where is the news about the launch. A Space X launch would obviously be everywhere in the news.

They literally livestreamed the thing like they do almost all of their big launches. This was entirely routine apart from the odd effect the timing had.

Musks tweet was epic lol