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Forums - Movies Discussion - You going to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi this weekend? How was it? 220 million first weekend domestic, more than entire Justice League run

epicurean said:
shikamaru317 said:

Just got back. I give it a tentative 8/10, though I feel like I will need to see it again to give it a proper final rating. 


The good:
-It's nowhere near as formulaic as the first movie, and therefore much less predictable
-Poe and Phasma actually get some screentime after barely getting any in Episode 7 despite being billed as main character for that movie
-It's not afraid to take risks

The bad: 
-Pacing problems
-Not all of the risks pay off
-A bit of cringey dialogue
-First Star Wars movie with out a climactic lightsaber battle (one of my favorite things about Star Wars)
-Wasted opportunity to not have Lando come in with a fleet at the end and engage the fleet to give them time to escape from Krait)

Wasn't just Phasma in the one scene at the end when they confront Finn? Or am I forgetting another scene? I didn't think she was on screen more than a couple minutes, but maybe I'm forgetting something.

Yeah, it was just the scene where they captured Rose and Finn, and then the fight scene against Finn at the end. Which is more than she got in Episode 7, literally all she did in Episode 7 was lead the attack on the village on Jakku, talk to Hux some about Finn disobeying, and then get captured by Finn, Han, and Chewie and put in a garbage chute, which felt like a huge waste after they had used her in marketing material for Episode 7 and billed her as a main character. 

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It's another prequel. Some of it is AotC-tier.

Enough of it was good to make me like it, barely.

I saw it this morning. I really liked it a lot. I would put it as better than Force Awakens (and the prequels too). Not quite as good as the original trilogy, but really no films are, so that is kind of an impossible standard. I really enjoyed myself, and I look forward to watching again.

Also, I think the resistance leaders spend more time picking their outfits than talking strategy lol. I suppose the movie wouldn't be pleased if I make a joke about how this is what happens when you put women in charge.

epicurean said:
It was terrible. I really don't understand how people like it (and I'm a HUGE fan of the entire series). How they handle Luke and Snoke is atrocious. Literally every female in the movie is perfect (and a good guy), and all the males have huge issues or are evil. The humor is over the top and the whole thing comes across as campy. I felt like I was watching a parody, to be honest.

I really don't think I've ever been this disappointed in a movie. I'm glad others like it, I guess - I'm not trying to hate on it to be edgy, or to rain on people's parades. I just know I've been waiting since I walked out of Episode 7 for the next installment, and after this one I couldn't care less when the next installment hits.


Have to say the @Bolded


I completely agree, that one vice admiral character, forgot her face - the one that argued with Poe - I could have sworn she was a spy for the First Order and was the one who was relaying their signal when going into hyperdrive but all of a sudden its because of a machine...ya... Also I hate how they treated Poe and I thought Leia was being possessed when she stunned him. Then when they made it to their base, nothing happened and that vice admiral chick died as a hero, like wtf lol.


But oh well, not gonna blow a gasket because how they envisioned the movie.


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The last jedi is a disaster, sometimes I can see why people can like or hate a film and see where they're coming from but I cant find any reason to defend this. When someone says they liked it I cant help but wonder why, it is a completely broken movie with only a few good scenes.

$45M for a Thursday night preview is insanely high. In comparison, Beauty and the Beast, the highest grossing film of 2017 so far, brought in $16M on its Thursday preview. That’s almost 3 times as much. Star Wars is going to hit some serious numbers, especially after the resoundingly positive reviews.

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Uh... It's almost like they forgot all the plot points established in TFA. The story is a train wreck and the humor is cheesy to the point of derailing tension in key scenes. Another huge issue was that every time I thought the movie would hit that climatic peak, it would deescalate until the movie simply just ended. However, porgs are cool and BB8 is still awesome.

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It was better than 7 but not by much. Both within my bottom Star Wars films.

Especially 3 moments really ruin it and it has to do with the characters;

Leia wtf
Luke meh

Airaku said:
I just saw it and gosh. I don't know what to say. I liked it more than The Force Awakens but damn... They shit the bed with this one. I can't really say much about what was wrong without spoiling it, but it single handedly betrays a lot of what Star Wars is all about. Furthermore it's not much of a sequel to TFA or even really fits with the rest of the saga. People are right about Snoke being underdeveloped. In fact his character holds no meaning to this trilogy at all. He's more or less a plot device to drive Kylo Ren. Speaking of plot... The Last Jedi has a plot but offers little in terms of story and narrative. It's very inconsistent and drops a lot of plot points. For example the Knights of Ren have been dropped entirely from the series.

Something I find interesting is that there was a plot script that was released last year for the film. A number of things were correct. The title being "The Last Jedi", a new character named "Captain Canady", a Casino planet, and major epic space battles along with Poe being a star of them. That being said the plot was changed drastically for being too ambitious, too big in terms of scope and vision, and potentially too much risk in terms of plot twists. It's a lot more "Rain Johnson" than what we got. The script is much more consistent with TFA, includes the Knights of Ren which played a major role, and Snoke was a huge character and consistent with the books. The narrative over all was amazing and one of the best in the series. I really wished I knew what went wrong with this films production. It's clear from watching it that Disney really backed down on their grand vision for this trilogy. I still got a copy of the script if anyone really wants it.

If anyone has any questions, I'll answer them with spoiler tags.

oh that sounds interesting, those casino scenes and poes cringy lines in the beginning were bad imo 

P.S. could you link  or dm the script?