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Forums - General Discussion - Snow: yay or nay?



Yay 33 48.53%
Nay 17 25.00%
Mixed 17 25.00%
See results 1 1.47%

For the first time in years, we're having a lot of snow here in Belgium!

I've always liked snow a lot.  It makes everything look so quiet and beautiful. However, it isn't always fun if it's on a school day. I've often heard people complain about snow, but today was the first time it was really an issue for me.
This morning, I was preparing to go to school, because I had to hand in a paper. But when I opened the curtains, I noticed that it was snowing really hard. So I quickly jumped on my bike, because I knew it was going to take a lot of time to get at the train station. Luckily, I managed to catch my train and hand in the paper. However, I forgot my books at home because I was in such a hurry (I wanted to study there for a few hours, because I have school this afternoon). So I returned home, so that could still study for 3 hours. My train was delayed, so I had to wait an hour at the train station.
At 3PM I wanted to take a train to go back to school, but the train didn't ride due to bad weather. I'm now going to take the next train, but I'm actually already 45 minutes too late for school.
Also, I'm all cold and wet right now.

Edit: I'm finally here, only 75 minutes too late!

So yeah, my feelings about snow are kinda mixed. But how about you? Do you love it? Do you hate it? What are your best/worst experiences with snow?

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As a kid - Yeah.
As an adult - Boo.

Walking through it, and hoping it doesn't soak into your shoes. Scrapping it off your car, and defrosting it. You aren't getting off work usually, and god I hate driving on it.

Also with the fear of losing power if too much of it lands/freezes.

I'd probably miss it if I lived in California, but I definitely wouldn't want to see it constantly like in Chicago.

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My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Everybody loves snow until they have to clean city blocks of it. I HATE SNOW.

I'm in Canada, so we can expect snow regularly from December to March.

When I was a kid, winter was my favorite season and i absolutely loved snow, the more the better, but since I grew up and have to commute to work, I like it less and less each passing year. Its a pain to drive in, and can be scary on the highway.

Although, a good snowstorm still gets me excited and love to be outside in it (when not on the road), so I voted mixed.

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I enjoy snow.

As a kid I would have said yay, now I'm not fully saying nay but I'm not as keen on it anymore. I don't want to buy special shoes for snow and in deep snow you simply cannot walk with regular shoes lest your feet and socks will very quickly be soaking wet.

Also I don't see that much snow right now, we had a couple centimeters that fell yesterday but it's all pretty much gone, it's even raining now over here.

I have never seen snow. Snow in my country is very, very rare and only occur occasionally in some southern mountain cities during winter.... . So... yay ! But only for a few days... I´ve heard that heavy snow sometimes can be a real pain for public transportation systems and for drivers....

Snow on the first day = Yay. It's fun, you don't completely feel the cold.

After the first night however, it's mostly just ice snow, frozen and cold, so nay onwards from then.

Hmm, pie.

Snow is fine when you're not working or doing anything that day you can go outside and enjoy it, but when you have to work in it its a pain in the ass you're cold and miserable and just want to inside