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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Official thread: The game Awards 2017 . (13+ plus game reveal)

in the valley of gods looks meh.

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That trailer started off well then kinda dragged. Could be good, though.

How is this a world premier? I feel like I've seen this before.

Also, boring.

Wow, he has been bulking up for his DC role.

So new game from the Firewatch creators? That's cool for those who enjoyed Firewatch. I can't say I enjoyed it a lot xD.

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deskpro2k3 said:
in the valley of gods looks meh.

How can you tell that from that trailer @_@


Nice jab at EA! XD

Shoulda been Nioh

i like that micro transaction pun. that was savage

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So Cuphead or Ni-oh in best-action game. I guess.

Ace microtransaction joke by that guy XD.