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What should I do with my dream I had?

KICKSTARTER!!! 1 7.69%
This is a stupid idea. 2 15.38%
Let Red/Blue/Yellow die already 1 7.69%

I got a pokemon like that... made in china of course... in a game in watch size it had pokemon red programed in... was good...


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VGPolyglot said:
My dream last night was that someone stole my car, then they later came back and tried to run me over, then tried to shoot and kill me with a shotgun.


Dulfite said:
spurgeonryan said:

I still need to buy a Switch. 

Seriously man! I figured you would be like me and always buy Nintendo stuff day 1.

Took me about a year to buy the Wii U. 

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That'd be pretty cool and I'd definitely buy one if it ever happened, lol.

As for my dream? well... I don't really dream too often, and when I do it's the same reoccurring dream... when I told my therapist about it, back when I actually had a therapist, she basically told me it's to do with my depression, anxiety, and an event we talked about in one of the earlier sessions, but basically every so often this dream, or should I say nightmare, comes back to haunt me, which usually wakes me up in a mad sweat and panicking... it's actually one of the reasons my sleep pattern is so fucked and I live on 2-3 hours of sleep per day, because at one point I did actually suffer from somniphobia, which is the fear of sleep, so much so that I was overdosing on pro plus (Caffeine pills) to keep me awake, and I'd go days at a time without any sleep and finally faint from exhaustion, lol.

Now I want one of those of what you dreamt that small device looks cool. I hope if that dream does come true theres more buttons

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I dreamt that Nintendo took a raspberry Pi, put it in a plastic box, and put 30 games on it and charged $60 to exploit the nostalgia in people's childhoods.

Hope your dream becomes true OP

My dreams never make much sense.

Flilix said:
My dreams never make much sense.

Better than making too much sense.

One time when I was a little kid I had a dream that a velociraptor was looking/chasing me in some type of sewers or something and that right when it lunged at me with it's mouth open to kill/eat me I woke up from that dream screaming.

So Martin Luther King dreams about the black and white man eating together at the table of brotherhood and you can only dream about dedicated Pokemon players? Come on man....