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Ok, I've looked all over google, xeno wiki, and videos and I can't find help. Everyone is saying how hard the boss fight is in chapter 10 without flight, but I can't even get to the top of the stupid mountain without flight either? How the heck do I even get up on top?


I know this is a very specific question about a game, but I honestly don't know where else to turn? I've never had something make me so stuck even google/reddit didn't provide an answer. From what I HAVE read, I think I may totally be stuck. You can't get the flight mission during the story mission, and there are no multiple save files to revert to (the game only has one). What the heck!

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Did you try the follow ball? I think you have to press R+X or something

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Imo, they should have made the Skell mission mandatory, since I don't really know how the hell you're supposed to to without flying. I can't answer that question, sadly, but it should be a way.

What was the mission mame?

There's a spiral path that guides you there, but I can't remember if it was in the middle of the mountain, south or any of its sides. Either way, shouldn't be hard to find.

As for the boss, it's easy to defeat on foot if you use ranged attacks.

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Getting flight would be extremely useful

Just use the follow ball, there is a spiral path upwards

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Thank you for the orb suggestion! It's been 1-2 years since I played this last and totally forgot about that. I found the way up and beat that boss! woot!