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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a Happy Holidays to everyone in general. Time for the last thread of the year. And thanks to everyone for making last month's thread the most active Amazon thread to date.

Hourly Rankings

Monthly Rankings

Yearly Rankings

Note: Monthly & weekly rankings are usually updated daily on Amazon, typically sometime in the early to mid afternoon. Also, NPD's months are not perfectly matched to Amazon's months. Some items in these rankings may be marked with a typographical symbol:

* Indicates item available for pre-order for release in a later month. Does not count towards current month's NPD numbers.
† Indicates item currently being sold primarily or exclusively through third-party sellers due to limited stock. Most or all sales don't count towards NPD numbers.
‡ Indicates used/pre-owned hardware. Does not count towards NPD numbers.

Current U.S. Monthly Hardware Rankings

Nintendo Switch (grey): #6
Nintendo Switch (neon): #10
PS4 Slim Battlefront II bundle: #14
PS4 Slim 1TB standalone: #28
XBO S Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels bundle: #31
Xbox One X: #36
New 2DS XL (black & turquoise): #46
PS4 Pro: #53

The SNES Classic Edition was previously ranked #22, but has disappeared from the rankings. It appears to have been moved to the Computer Software section on Amazon for some weird reason.

Hardware Preorders Coming Into Effect This Month


U.S. Yearly Hardware Rankings

(Note: This entry will be updated whenever I post the thread the for the month, except during November & December where they'll also be updated weekly every Monday until New Year's.)

Nintendo Switch (grey): #8
Nintendo Switch (neon): #14
PS4 Slim Uncharted 4 bundle: #22
PS4 Slim 1TB standalone: #37
XBO S 500GB standalone: #48
PS4 Pro: #65
Xbox One X (Scorpio Edition): #74
PS4 Slim Battlefront II bundle: #83
Xbox One X: #84

As mentioned in the monthly rankings above, the SNES Classic has been moved to the computer software category at Amazon for some reason. It was ranked #36 in the yearly rankings last time I updated.

Final U.S. Weekly Rankings

(Note: Covers all weeks in the NPD sales period for the month. March, June, Sept., & Dec., are 5-week months for NPD purposes. All other months are 4 weeks.)

Week 48 (Nov. 27 - Dec. 3)


Week 49 (Dec. 4 - 10)


Week 50 (Dec. 11 - 17)


Week 51 (Dec. 18 - 24)


Week 52 (Dec. 25 - 31)



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Amazon International Sites (Hourly Top 100 Game Rankings)


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Here's the update to the yearly rankings (six days since last update):

Nintendo Switch (grey): #8 (—)
PS4 Slim Uncharted 4 bundle: #15 (—)
Nintendo Switch (neon): #16 (—)
XBO S 500GB standalone: #44 (↑18)
PS4 Slim 1TB standalone: #46 (↑4)
SNES Classic Edition: #49 (↑2)
Xbox One X (Scorpio Edition): #59 (↓3)
PS4 Pro: #79 (↑6)
XBO S Battlefield 1 bundle: #96 (↑3)

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Looks like things are normalizing on the hourly charts after the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales.

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