Forums - Sales Discussion - November NPD Hardware Battle Royale! X1 vs NSW vs PS4 [Who Gets 1st/2nd/3rd]


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tbone51 said:
Updated OP. Ps4 looking like the winner

If PS4 passes X on yearly I’ll have to agree until then we wait.

tbone51 said:



Amazon thread heating up so lets all predict now. No numbers needed. Predict in order who will finish 1st 2nd and 3rd for Nov NPD hardware results (us only)



Ill post everyone predictions here.... Letssssss gooooooooo



*Tbone51 *TheWPCTraveler *RJ_sizzle *Jranation

*Jaxyfoo *quickrick *zorg1000 *Jonathanalis




*XD34 *Rob5VGC *Kerozinn *Intrinsic *xl-klaudkill

*Ryng_Tolu *FIT_gamer *gtjay1982 *limabean01

*Hiku *xytherion *Mar1217 *JRPGfan *errorist76

*GribbleGrunger *Angelv577 *Livingmetal *green08

*vizigoth04 *couchmonkey *Supernova *TH3-DOS3R

*thelegendarywolf *brittenshicks



*Archangelmaddz *Barkley *Rafie *flashfire926 *Globalisatuer *ThetruthHurts! *ironmanDX






*Finale *SKMblake *finalrpgfantasy *mnementh

*Jumo009 *Bandorr *Cosmicsex *JSG87 

*Spokentruth *Slarvax *Teeqoz *Dark requiem



*Derpysquirtle64 *Flilix *Neodegenerate *OTBWY *bofferbrauer2 *Oneee-Chan!!!

Wow! Thats a cool way to sum all the predictions up! 

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Well, I'll go with the road least taken... Xbox One > Nintendo Switch > PlayStation 4.


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The X launch and $190 XB1 on Black Friday will propel it to #1. $200 Black Friday PS4 will propel Sony to a really close #2. Switch won't have enough stock for the Black Friday weekend to compete I bet (I know my Walmart had just 1 left earlier today when I checked, while Sony and MS has at least 5 PS4/XB1 each and 3 Pro/X each in the display case alone, possibly more in the warehouse at the back of the store).

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While NS>PS4>XBO is definitely possibility, I'm going to say PS4>NS>XBO.

I think Sony has made sure to pile up enough stock to last this whole week at $199, including probably ~750K-1M for BF/CM. It's been selling gangbusters, but is still in stock and shows no signs of slowing. Switch is selling great, while the XBO sales seem to have slowed slightly, so that should keep it above the XBO. Well, as long as they have stock.

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Switch> Xbox> PS4
X1X will make a great boost, but not enough to beat NS


The Multiplier (relative to sales average from the other 10 months of each year) for November and December hardware sales are highest for Nintendo. (Microsoft's and Sony's holiday sales spike tend to not outweight of what they sell the rest of the year, as much as, Nintendo)

Nintendo knows this, and I think they stockpiled enough to make 1st in NPDs just like the its has most of this year.

SpokenTruth said:
SuperNova said:
I'm thinking PS4>NS>X1.

While Nintendo WILL have ample stock (otherwise they have no way of hitting their sales target for the fiscal year), and mario Odyssey will continue to push sales as well as it's 'hot new Item' perception, the fact theat they don't have any deals will let the ps4 pull ahead imho.

I am curious why a device that will sell out at the current price needs a price cut to "sell more".

If you read my sentence you will notice that I actually said none of those things. I said, BF deals vs. no deals will give Ps4 the edge. It's simply a question of the Ps4 slim being the cheapest console on the market right now (not to mention the Ps4 being an insanely popular console in general) and people will bite.

The Ps4 at it's current point in life and with it's current pricepoint reaches a diffrent demografic than the Switch imho. The Ps4 is reaching far into the casual and lower income markets and the Switch is just too new and a little too pricey to do that just yet. Nintendo has the 2DS for that.

 I'm under the impression that it is not immediately selling out across the board in the US anymore, but that stock has a rather short shelf life. I apologize if my info is wrong on that count. I also expect them to ship significantly more this month than they have in any preceeding month, so they might actually be able to meet demand. Or not. We'll see about that.

I don't think Ninty needs a pricecut on the Switch and neither did I expect one. The Switch is doing phenomenal, but to expect it to outsell the Ps4 in what probably amounts to it's peak year, in one of it's best sales periods just as it hits 199$ is a setting expectations a bit high imo. I'll be extatic if it does end up winning November, but I don't think it realistically will.