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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Show your game room/setup 2017

SvennoJ said:
darkrulier said:

This is my game room, looks like a freaking office!!! The photo is missing the XBox One. I will be changing the color of the walls for something brighter cuz that dark grey suuuuuuks


Is that a 21:9 tv or monitor? Lovely widescreen.

Did you brighten it up bit yet? It does look like an office! With a nice console collection at least :)


That's an Acer 1440p IPS monitor, looks pretty good, also I haven't brighten the room up yet but I bought the paint, just been lazy and super busy at work, lol

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@darkrulier: Did you paint it yet?

PwerlvlAmy said:

You could play your Switch and then look outside to see your friends having a bbq roof party,wave to them and then take your switch over there and start playing co op after giving one of them your left or right joy con

its plausible.

Where have I seen that before...

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