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Doom '16 definitely takes influences from the Prime series from the way the jumping mechanics work to the visor / HUD looks. Would be interesting if Bethesda handled the next game but probably not going to happen. I know they announced awhile ago that Prime 4 isn't being done by Retro, but I hope Retro's not working on YET ANOTHER DK game. If they're not doing the next Prime, I want to see them do something new and original.

I hope the rumors about Namco doing the game aren't true either. They didn't exactly blow people away with Starfox Assault on the GC. Would rather see another company take the helm if it's not going to be Nintendo or Retro.

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Then paid mods.

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Id Software is likely already working on Doom 5.
Panic Button!, the company who made the Doom conversion would actually make more sense.

Wet dream (very unlikely) would be new Japan team with staff left form ex- Kojima Production.

Nintendo is the actual publisher of Doom and Skyrim on Switch.

You could kind of say things are pretty well lined up for Bethesda to act as 2nd party type of developer for Nintendo.

Metroid Prime 4 has to be a great single player FPS. Bethesda makes some of the best single player FPS. Makes sense to me.

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