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LivingMetal said:
KLAMarine said:

That could be due to a bias.

Could be Luuuuuuvvvvv...

Still a bias.

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Of course they are. It's a new product that is supposed to boost lackluster console sales...

Well.. they have been marketing it for 18 months;

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To soon to tell right now, but to me it looks like the Triple X is a 100 meter dash athlete up against marathon runners.

Well its a reboot for the X1. Also, I'm predicting this is gonna be their cheap 9th gen solution.

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Just like we're all skeptical with other platforms, let's be the same with this one. We need to see more than just a few days on the market. We also need to know how many were shipped. Numbers that Microsoft probably won't give again. They could have had 1 X1X per store for all we know. I needs me some numbers.

They lost a sale last night. A guy was looking for one at the Walmart I was at. I told him that the PS4 Pro is just as good. So he got it. I own both and enjoy them for what they bring even though I lean more favorably towards Xbox, I just love playing games period.

It’s doing well so far. Hopefully they can maintain decent sales.

The system is a beast and a steal for what is under the hood.

Having the Pro, Switch, and X I am a happy man, regardless.

IMO the XBox One X will do great for MS.

As they should!

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Haven't seen any ads for it yet...most of the YT ads recently are for Battlefront 2 and some annoying one that starts with "Car insurance is unfair and fundamentally broken, and- [skip ad]."