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Hynad said:
DroidKnight said:

Absolutely  not,  this website has an equal representation of Xbox, Pc, Ps, and Nin.  It is in no way skewed towards Ps or Nin or anything else.

@bolded: this is sarcasm, right?

I haven't been here as long as you two, but come on guys (give me some credit) I've been here long enough for both of you to answer that.

ironmanDX said:
DroidKnight said:

this website has an equal representation of Xbox, Pc, Ps, and Nin. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

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I own a Pro already, but I still feel I would get more use out of a second Pro than an X.

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Xbox one X will be the first home console I skip since the Panasonic 3do, I will never forget the 360...the winner in that generation for me, sadly Xbox now has nothing to offer.

Seems people are mad because people prefer pro for the exclusives, why would anyone be mad about more people liking pro? It's about the games isn't it? And Sony is providing the games for their fans.

If I HAD to pick one, it would be PS4 Pro, for the games. Though neither consoles are really enticing enough for me to purchase one or another.

I have a pretty okay specced PC, so Xbox One X doesn't do anything for me. And PS4 Pro doesn't really offer enough of an upgrade over the original PS4..

Plus, I want both consoles to fail/not meet their expectations so that Sony/MS might have rethink their strategy for launch cycles. I want shorter generations, not stop gaps that prolongs advancements in games tech.

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I'd put together a decent gaming PC... but I won't do that either.

As for consoles, I already have a baker's dozen hooked up to my home theater. I'm not really too keen to add anything expensive to the setup. I have a Switch and PS4 and I'm all set for current gen ATM.

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Right now, my wallet’s plate is full until x-mas, but early next year, I’ll be sure to get it. I prefer the first party outings from Sony and Nintendo, but considering MS’s push for enhanced retro compatibility, the fact that the X doubles as a UHD player, and considering I’m coming late in the gen to finally game on X-Box, which means there are now enough good exclusives that interest me, and with my TV starving for 4K content, and... It costs much less than what my next PC will cost me (which I keep pushing the purchase back xD)...

I’ll be getting the X in the coming months.


Probably right in time for Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

If i didnt have them already and had to make a choice, i would get a second hand PS4 and a Switch over an Xbox One X.
But since I do already have them (PS4 Pro + Switch), I'd rather buy games for the PS4 and Switch over an Xbox One X.

The sad reality is that the Xbox One X is going to be the first console/console upgrade since the Snes that I did not buy on day one, there just isn't a pull for me at all with the whole "it's 4k guys" thing, and the fact that all of the consoles games I can buy for PC, for less just makes it seem like an entirely pointless purchase, so I've not preordered one, and won't be picking one up any time soon, or in the foreseeable future.

If my launch console ever dies (which is unlikely since it's only ever really used to play videos off of the NAS server), i *might* just replace it with an Xbox One X depending on the pricing at that entirely arbitrary point, but only if an Xbox One S isn't available new at that time too.

The depressing thing about this is that I can probably see myself treating the next Xbox console release in the same way, and skipping it entirely and sticking with PlayStation and Nintendo.

Microsoft have slowly diluted the Xbox brand to a point where it's tasteless and unappetizing, where as it's competition just keep on perfecting their formula and making their offerings tastier with each passing year.

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I got a PC for games so ps4 pro all way., and even with a PC i only got 2 indies games from microsoft exlusivity so ^^

WHY would anybody choose the Xbox one x over a PS4 pro or even a standard PS4?
Sony console is lightyears the better console to own. It’s games we want and it’s games that Sony’s console has much more of than Microsoft’s and it’s also still pumping them out while Microsoft just sits there doing nothing.

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