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This information comes from Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima:

"Nintendo Switch has not been on the market for long, but we already have a lot of software publishers who see Nintendo Switch as an opportunity to expand their business moving forward. More than 300 software publishers at present, including indie developers, have begun developing game titles.

This is just some of the lineup that has been announced. As you can see, the wide variety of genres among the titles will further increase interest for Nintendo Switch. Having a broader consumer base will make it even easier for software publishers to do business. We are also continuing our work to establish a collaborative framework that facilitates the creation of more successful titles for our software publisher partners."

Source 1 and Source 2


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300 publishers is a nice big number compared to the 70 they toted up earlier this year. Most of them are probably indies but it's still nice.

I wish they'd show Dragon Quest XI Switch already. I'm trying to see if I'll need the PS4 version or not.

Keep in mind that back in January we had 50 developers. That number now have increased by a factor of 6.  The number of titles are growing at more of an exponential curve rather than a steady schedule. 

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300 are a lot. And in less than a year. Impressive, quite impressive.

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Very good news. I am excited about Switch's future.

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Over 295 of them indie devs.

That doesnt count kimmy. That doesnt count.

Wow such support ^_^

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Wow, I remember last update was over 100 of them.