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Tmfwang said:
ThisGuyFooks said:

Did they? In which part of the conference?

Think that it was more referering to PS4 as a whole

For me they do have, but have they said it?

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God of War


Tons of new VR Stuff

looks legit

It's looking pretty good. God of War, Detroit and Spiderman are all shaping up nicely.

Days Gone I think will be pretty mediocre, and I don't expect Ghost or TLoUII to make the year.

And please let there be something about FFVII and Shenmue III next year, surely they have to be ready to start building those games up again for release.

Don't agree yet. While I am excited for Ni No Kuni II, Yakuza 6 & Hackers Memory..not much else aside from that I'm excited for so far.

S.T.A.G.E. said:
ArchangelMadzz said:

Yeah I think that's fair to say man.

Thats five years of development time like Horizon. Do you think Sucker Punch would need that much time? I would call late 2018. Four years seems fair and five years is the latest. I think Sony is saving 2019 to 2020 to Death Stranding and Last of Us.

No I wouldn't usually but, a CGI trailer doesn't give me much confidence of a 'next year' title. Maybe if it was a gameplay trailer.

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knowing about the games that will be released next year, it will be really amszing

I dont think Ghosts of Tsushima is next year, but even so the line up is already crazy.

GoOnKid said:

We hear this every year, don't we? The same was said about 2017.

And what a year it was, and 2018 looks to beat it!

Hyped for Sucker Punch. Hope Ghost is open world, it being a Sucker Punch game you know the playforming will be there. In terms of game play they basically replacing Sly with a Samurai. I can picture it now, running on roofs, scaling poles, hiding in closets, sealthfully running on cables, setting traps, sword combat.... It’s what this studio does best.
Can’t wait for that shit.

Spiderman looks too cutscene heavy and I'm not convinced it will be good.

God of War 4 is a wait and see

Detroit surprisingly looks promising, but again we'll have to see.

Days Gone's only thing going for it is it's destructable shit, I honestly don't think they've shown of the game in an appealing way so far ...

I was going to say Monster Hunter but that's on all three major platforms .... I am pretty hyped for Shadow of the Colossus though. If The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima release next year, then I think i'll agree with you that it's their best year.

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It looking great, but I will wait year in wich TLoU2 will be launched (most liikly 2019.).