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Super_Boom said:
Hate is a strong word, but I didn't find Uncharted 2 to be as great as people claim it to be. It was fine, but also a game I played once and never felt motivated to touch again. Don't really get the hype.

I enjoyed Uncharted 2 for the most part, although it's not something I would go back to either. Uncharted 3 on the other hand....let's just never speak of it again

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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Cloudman said:

But I said The Last of Us... o_o;


My bad

No problem~



Dance my pretties!

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No mention of Knack. And people say it's not universally loved...

I just cant get into GTA series.

The first Halo has always seemed boring to me. I think I've started it three times, getting to, uh, maybe the fourth level at best, and it's just boring. I've tried to force myself play it, hoping it gets better, but it's just so boring that I can't. It's not really bad, it's just that absolutely nothing feels too great or interesting.

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As a huge Zelda Fan who owns every zelda ever. I sold my copy half way through of wait for it....






GTA 5!



Those are my 2 stand outs. Can't think of anything else atm.

Juma009 said:
I just cant get into GTA series.

same. i find them so boring and pointless. till this day my cousin brags about how much money he as in the gta 5. lol i dont get it!

I wouldn't say hate but The Witcher 3 mostly because I hated the controls he moved way after I moved the stick just felt so off also the games too damn big haha and Bioshock Infinite that game is a full on shooter and dosen't feel like a Bioshock to me 1 & even 2 were much better in my opinion.

Fallout 3

there is no game I hate that I would classify as amazing. unless you count being amazed that people actually liked what I considered a POS