Forums - Gaming Discussion - Patent reveals Activision uses matchmaking to encourage players to buy more microtransactions

This is Activision. so to be honest I'm not suprisesd.

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Glad I play mostly single player games now. I hate companies that can't make their money off the initial sell and then just be happy people enjoy their product.

The greed of some people know no bounds it seems. It's painful to see that these greedy, dispassionate suits are directing the course of this industry, but the ones with money have always done so.


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They're making it so easy to stay clear of their games.

Just another thing to add to the list I suppose. This really doesn't surprise me in the slightest anymore.

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Yeah, not playing anyy activision games any time soon. This is scummy. Deliberately breaking game mechanics in order to nickel and dime gamers.

'But it's only cosmetic' has set us on a path of accepting this shit.

That is so devious that it is kinda brilliant. Amazing.

Bad news from EA and Activision in the same day? Wow