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Forums - Sony Discussion - Will you buy GT 5 Prologue or wait for GT 5?

I'm just gonna wait for the whole game. I might not even get it, because I never really got into GT before, but it looks so good, and I like racing games more since I played Motorstorm (weird, I know, but Resistance got me into FPS).

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I was going to buy the Prologue, but I don't have money at the moment.

Ill be picking them both besides I cant wait 1 more year for gt5 and will probably get more money by then


I will wait for GT5. I have enough gaming that i could wait. If i had the time though i would buy it in a heart beat.

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Im using GT5P as my trial into GT. If I love it, I'll get GT5. If I don't, then I just saved $20.

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im still thinking on gt5p. i need to put my DFP to good use

I'm waiting for GT5. I won't pay 2/3rds the price of a full game for something that's going to be worthless in less than a year.

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@Rocketpig, I guess you don't buy many sportgames then =p.

I think I am going to wait for GT5 to release, because i also want Motorstorm 2 and I don't want to overdo it on the racers.

However, I may be in the store and see that cheaper price tag, not want to wait till September, and buy it.

But for now, I think I will wait.

konnichiwa said:
@Rocketpig, I guess you don't buy many sportgames then =p.

No, but I have in the past. I expect sports games to update every year, it's only natural.

What I don't like is Sony's blatant attempt to milk its fanbase for $40. On sheer principle I will never play GT5p.

But I will definitely buy GT5 when it releases. 

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