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Forums - Sony Discussion - Will you buy GT 5 Prologue or wait for GT 5?

Hey people just want to see how many people on here are waiting for GT 5 to arrive. Well those who are getting GT 5 Prologue well you must be a huge fan of the GT series. Being a person like me who has never played the Gran Turismo series before and prefers the arcade racer over the real life racing simulation, I will wait until GT 5 arrives.

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I already have Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, its amazing, graphics are mind blowingly good, gameplay is great as ever, tracks are good, cars are wiked, only slight letdown is i get a bit of lag online. Gran Turismo 5 will set a new standard for driving games, just as every other gran turismo has done before it. Buy both versions.

I will buy GT 5 only. I would not waste money on a demo, its better to wait for the full game.

I'm buying this demo if I get a job.

i'm not paying for the demo, i know it's more, but i'll wait.

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Iam buying the game, its more a full game then 90% of the stuff out there.

Its also the right price, compared to say paying $60 for crackdown. 

I'll buy GT5P.

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Rock_on_2008 said:
I will buy GT 5 only. I would not waste money on a demo, its better to wait for the full game.

 70+ cars, 16 player online and 6 tracks is a demo? That's strange, and here i thought the Japanese GT5:P demo that's on my harddrive with 8 cars, 1 track and no online was the demo. Times sure has changed.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure the majority of people that decided to "waste" their money on a "demo" are quite satisfied with what they got. Some people would rather not wait almost half a decade to play a new GT game, that's why there's a prologue in the first place, it's not like PD slaped some crap together overnight just to get some quick cash in their pockets. 

I'll wait for GT5, though if I had the money I might have gone for GT5P

I don't actually have a PS3 but I'll chuck my 2 cents in for what its worth.

In general I feel little reason to buy a game early on in its lifetime and I absolutley hate paying for the same content twice. Thus I would wait for GT5 personally as the game will be no less fun when its released and it would essentially make obsolete GT5:P as it includes all content in that.