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Forums - Sales Discussion - Predict Lifetime Sales for All Current Consoles


Will 3DS or Switch sell more?

3DS 48 21.82%
Switch 132 60.00%
Tie (within 5 million) 25 11.36%
See results 15 6.82%

PS4: 135
Switch: 100
3DS: 83
X1: 50

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3DS - 78 million
PS4 - 115 million
Xbox One - 55 million
Switch - 85 million

It's bit too early for me to give an accurate prediction for Switch, so I feel like it'll be the one to be the most off.

I think it's almost impossible to estimate final sales for anything other than 3DS. How badly supply constrained is Switch, and what will its support in future years be? PS4 sales seem to have plateaued, but how long before they start to decline? How long does Sony intend to support PS4 for?

With that said, I'm going to make a wild guess that PS4 won't quite outsell PS1.

3DS: 71
PS4: 99
XO: 49
Switch: 122

PS4 - 110m
Switch - 70m
3DS - 72m
XBO - 55m

Xbox One: 54m
3DS: 72m
Switch: 80m
PS4: 115m

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Nintendo 3DS: 74 M
PlayStation 4: 130 M
Xbox One: 60 M
Nintendo Switch: 90 M

I have no idea. I just hope not too much so they have the motivation to improve their current model.

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3DS: 72m
XB1: 57m
PS4: 114m
Switch: 100m

P.S. Though xb1 and switch very hard to predict. In the case of Xbox we don’t know yet if Microsoft will release the next console after one x as another Xbox One family device or not so my prediction only counts for original one, One s and one x consoles. In the case of switch it is hard to predict it’s lifetime. If it’s almost 100% known that 3ds support will be dropped next year or in the best case in 2019 which I don’t really see happening and PS4/xb1 lifetime will end in 2020-2021, it’s hard to say when the switch will be dropped.


3DS: 77m
PS4: 120m
Xbox One: 48m
NS: 85m

If we will see Switch Pro and Switch Mini, then sales maybe reach 100 mln.

PS4: 113M
XBO: 53M
NS: 96M
3DS: 75M