Forums - General Discussion - Pewdiepie Drops the N word on a Livestream

whatever said:
At least he realized he f'ed up and apologized. Now for the morons on here that think it was OK or no big deal, get a clue.

lol someone uttering one word without malicious intent is a big deal?

our society really has gone mad, i don't know if maybe its people living in such luxury that they are shielded from the real problems of the world or a massive case of virtue signalling ( most likely a bit of both )

but i really do feel concern for the people that think this is a big deal, because it means that you can quite easily be manipulated by someone who understands how to push your buttons

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Dark_Lord_2008 said:

It is never ok for non-African to use that word. It can be a death sentence if a non-white person says that word in the presence of Africans who get offended and act accordingly. This guy has no street smarts and if he said that word on the mean streets of the USA and or parts of Europe he would not last long.

so its ok for people to be put to death if their speech is considered offensive by someone?

lmao wow

Frankly, I've seen enough from this thread, now. PDP has apologized and there's nothing being gained from it anymore. So away it goes.